PLCoffee Company: a FRESH COFFEE!

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Bridport, Tasmania

A "Freshly Roasted Coffee" Journey

Whether you like  it brewed, percolator, syphon,  "drip" or espresso; with or without milk; hot, as ice-coffee or over ice-cream: once you taste REALLY FRESH coffee you'll be hooked, want to know more, dicscover more, taste more.

PLCoffee is a fellow traveller on this Journey; we look for the nicest coffee beans, from the most interesting coffee-growing regions.

Not all of the coffee beans we buy have a formal RFA etc. classification; but  before we buy, we try to make sure they have been produced under the most ethical circumstances.

Our suppliers know we do not support the cut-throat coffee industry of old; they themselves endeavour to make sure the  coffee beans they order in are as responsibly grown as possible.

Sometimes we simply have to trust our suppliers... and they have not yet let us down!

Once we get the coffee beans in stock the fun starts... with  Lis as chief taster we roast and taste and roast and blend until we have a flavour which is rounded, with caramel, spice, fruit-cake and cocoa,  just the type of coffee which will suit gentle drip-olators and plungers, as well cut smoothly through milk in espresso based drinks.... that will be that week's "Journey-blend".

After we have roasted the coffee beans and sold  (and enjoyed!!) that particular batch of fresh coffee it starts all over again.

A fresh supply of coffee beans, from different regions, roasted along different profiles with the balance of the caramel, spice etc. just a little different... making for a whole new taste-experience.

We do not keep large stocks of Journey-beans, therefore every week  the balance of varieties available changes.

This means that if you order from PLCoffee, you never know what will be in your Journey-blend.

Actually, we don't know either what makes up your Journey-blend until the beans land on our doorstep and the first sample roasts have been tasted!

So, Journey-blends are truly Pot Luck!

But, what about the Cafe-blend

Well, our friends found one particular coffee so more-ish that we  decided to go against the grain of true Pot Luck blending and make it a regular stock item:  the "Cafe-blend".

Made up of smooth South American and rich African coffee beans, with a hint of SE Asia to balance it out: deep flavoured, roundly balanced, complex but gentle: the ideal every-day coffee!

And "Old Amsterdam", our newest blend, is a loving salute from Lis to her European roots, a gentle coffee which works so well when served at  the relaxed long breakfast, brunch or lunch as French Press, pour-over or as a luscious Cafe-Latte.


We invite you to tag along for part (or all) of PLCoffee's Coffee Journey.

Taste some of the flavours Lis and I love, experience some of the wonderful coffee beans from little-known districts, have a go at the various ways these coffees can be prepared.

After all, it is the journeys we undertake which make our life interesting!

All the best,















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