PLCoffee Company: a FRESH COFFEE!

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Bridport, Tasmania


Pot Luck freshly roasted Journey Blend 2x 240gm bag


TWO BAGS of fresh coffee beans, roasted no more than 5 days before shipping.

Your coffee is blended from at least 2 coffees, mostly 3 or 4 from different continents, although sometimes we buck the trend and make a Single Origin Blend or a Single Country Blend.

We blend to a rich and rounded flavour profile, with sweetness, a touch of caramel, some dried fruit, spice notes and cocoa.

Excellent aromatics and body for plunger coffee, drip or pour-over coffee, and the various styles of espresso coffee.

Roast date, "rest until" date, "best before" date and origin/variety of beans which make up the blend are noted on the bag.


Our check-out is via PayPal.



Whole-bean or ground coffee? Unless you request otherwise, we ship our coffee as 'whole-bean'.

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