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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Bridport, Tasmania


Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Cafe-Blend 240Gm bag


ONE BAG of our Cafe-blend; this is a true performer, wherever its stage may be: breakfast table, morning tea-reviver, lunch treat, afternoon kick-start, after-dinner enjoyment or evening's study-support.

Plump South American beans are roasted gently, then blended with hardy African beans grown on age-old bushes and this coffee blend is balanced out by the wonderful flavours of beans grown in the fertile mountains of the Islands of Australasia.

Spice, fruit, cocoa, velvety crema and a good mouth-feel make this the ideal coffee blend for every coffee style, everywhere, every-tim

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Whole-bean or ground coffee? Unless you request otherwise, we ship our coffee as 'whole-bean'.

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