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9 Essential Coffee Rules

Posted by Robert Booth on September 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM


1.Use the VERY BEST freshly roasted coffee beans you can afford: "rested" for a minimum of 5 days and roasted to a profile which enhances their flavour-characteristics.

2. Use the absolute very best coffee grinder you can afford!

3. Grind the coffee just seconds before you use it to make coffee: green coffee beans keep for 3 years, roasted coffee is at its best for 3 weeks and ground coffee goes stale in 3 MINUTES!!

4. When making “stove-top or filter” coffee use about 1 very heaped tablespoon of coffee beans for 1 small cup of coffee (120ml).

5. When making “stove-top or filter” coffee, use no more than 120ml of water per very heaped table spoon of coffee beans (do I repeat myself? No, this is REALLY important!)

6. Grind the beans to suit the coffee style you are making: fine for espresso coarser for “drip” and “filter” coffee.

7. Use the very best water you can get:

tap-water is not always free of taints, so, if your water-quality may be doubtful, filter your water or buy bottled water.

8. Coffee oils do not like cooling down quickly: the cup should be made from a thick ceramic or insulated glass/stainless steel and make sure you warm your cup before pouring the coffee into it.

9. Do NOT let your coffee sit on the grinds or stew on the hotplate; it WILL get bitter!

I hate rules, normally, but these work!



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