PLCoffee Company: a FRESH COFFEE!

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Bridport, Tasmania

Freshly Roasted Coffee from a Gourmet Coffee Roaster


My name is  Robert  Booth and we,  lovely wife (and Chief-taster)  Lis and I, run PLCoffee.

We got into coffee-roasting quite by accident....while travelling through Australia we found that the more remote shops either did not stock coffee beans, or the beans that they did have were so stale the coffee-oils glued them together.

Really fresh roasted coffee is a commodity you can only get from truly passionate coffee roasters and coffee suppliers, who are proud of the quality of their product and are willing to go the extra mile in getting their goods to you as soon as possible.

Or, you can roast it yourself!!

And that is how it started: (motor)home-roasting our own coffee, and soon  roasting  fresh coffee for friends and family.

Some time ago we decided to "put down roots", so we parked the motorhome and started building our house.

We realised there was a  market for fresh roasted coffee and  in 2009 we  installed a small commercial coffee roaster, set up the business  and since then  PLCoffee has been supplying freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans to an ever-expanding group of family, friends, friends of friends, shops,  caterers ... and you!

Our journey through the wonderful world of REALLY FRESH coffee has opened our eyes, our taste-buds and our hearts even further to this little miracle bean and its travels from origin, variety, grower, picker, wholesaler, importer, roaster, coffee-lover; across continents and oceans, right to your cup.

May  journeys continue, both on the road as well as in the cup!

All the best,












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